korean recipe tteokbokki stir-fried gochujang rice cakes gochujang fermented chili pepper paste ganjang fermented korean soy sauce infrared-roasted sesame seeds infrared-roasted sesame oil


Tteokbokki, the sweet and spicy gochujang sauced rice cakes is our favorite comfort food.
korean recipe bean sprouts rice infrared-roasted sesame seeds infrared-roasted sesame oil ganging korean soy sauce

One Pot Meal: Bean Sprouts Rice

Warm bowl of rice with bean sprouts is a perfect lunch as-is or with a bowl of doenjang soup or broth on the side.
korean recipe roasted salmon gamtae seaweed ochazuke soup unseasoned roasted gamtae seaweed

Roasted Salmon Gamtae Seaweed Ochazuke Soup

There's nothing more comforting than a bowl of ocahzuke. This is our take on the classic dish using gamtae seaweed and salmon.
korean recipe gamtae tamagoyaki omelette roll seasoned roasted gamtae seaweed

Gamtae 'Tamagoyaki' Omelette Roll

Our version of the Japanese Tamagoyaki - spruced up with gamtae seaweed and vegetables.
korean recipe crispy chive buchu pancakes brown rice vinegar infrared-roasted sesame oil ganging korean soy sauce

Crispy Chive 'Buchu' Pancakes

Quick and easy vegetable pancakes with soy and vinegar dipping sauce - it's perfect for sharing, great with markegolli, and especially on a rainy day!
korean recipe congee infrared-roasted perilla oil korean seaweed salt

Using Up Your Stock: Simply Good Congee

Ultimate comfort food for when you need to reset.
korean recipe shrimp and veggie vegetable rice noodles infrared-roasted sesame oil cheongjang korean soy sauce

Shrimp and Veggie Rice Noodles

A quick one pot meal of rice noodles, shrimps and vegetables.
korean recipe zucchini pancakes infrared-roasted sesame seeds korean roasted bamboo salt sea salt

Summer Zucchini Pancakes

We make a batch of these zucchini pancakes in the summer and snack on them for days!
korean recipe savory gochujang pancakes doenjang fermented soybean paste

Savory Gochujang Pancakes

Gochujang pancakes are here to chase away your rainy day blues.
korean recipe chewy potato pancakes korean roasted bamboo salt sea salt

Easy Chewy Potato Pancakes

A very simple and delicious recipe for any surplus potatoes you may have.
korean recipe kimchi fried rice gochujang fermented chile chili paste infrared-roasted sesame oil infrared-roasted sesame seeds

Using Up Leftover Rice: Kimchi Fried Rice

Our number one go-to when we got left over take out rice and some excess kimchi.
stir fried noodles korean recipe yaki udon noodles infrared-roasted sesame seeds infrared-roasted sesame oil ganjang korean soy sauce brown rice vinegar

Quick and Delicious Yaki Udon

This super fast noodle dish can be used to clean out your fridge - chop up your favorite veggies, add a protein and enjoy!