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Hanega Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar Nutrition Facts

Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (Aged 5 Years)


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Hanega’s flagship vinegar combines ginkgo from the family orchard with 14 other herbs, fruits, grains and roots. Naturally fermented and aged for at least five years, it balances herbal notes with a hint of orange.

About Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (Aged 5 Years)


Hanega’s flagship product and also its best selling, this ginkgo vinegar is unlike anything we’ve tasted.  Ginkgo from the family orchard is combined with 14 other herbs, fruits, grains and roots and then aged for at least five years.  So flavorful and yet incredibly light, it balances herbal notes with a hint of orange, and can be used in delicate crudos or salads, or with stronger-flavored dishes.  Co-founder Jenn drinks it daily with sparkling water, and recently used it with perilla oil in a killer crab and cucumber salad. 

Hanega Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (Aged 5 Years) Product Details

●  370ml bottle
●  Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
●  Aged at least 5 years
●  Unpasteurized.  Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar
●  Ingredients:  Ginkgo berry, ginkgo leaf, dried orange peel, lilyturf root, balloon flower root, rice, pine needles, malt, yeast, honey, brown sugar, water

Hanega Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (Aged 5 Years) Key Ingredients

Ginkgo berry
A fruit full of antioxidants, Hanega grows its own Gingko.

Lilyturf root
A core Asian medicinal ingredient, lilyturf root is known for its anti-inflammatory and cough suppressing properties, and so is used to treat various lung-related illnesses.

Balloon flower root
Also known as ‘bellflower,’ the root of this plant looks like a smaller version of a ginseng. Long used to treat lung- and throat-related ailments, balloon flower root is also full of antioxidants, making it an all around power herb. It is also a popular choice for a ban-chan (side dish) in Korea, and even used as a core topping in bibimbap (mixed rice) dishes.

Pine needles
A good source of Vitamins A and C, pine needles have long been used in Korean medicine to strengthen the immune system, aid in blood circulation, and promote skin and hair health.