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Queens Bucket Infrared-Roasted Perilla Seeds - Gotham Grove

Infrared-Roasted Perilla Seeds

Queens Bucket

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Infrared ray is used to roast the seeds at a lower heat. This unique method cooks the seeds evenly without burning the shells, producing a smooth, nutty flavor without the bitter aftertaste.

About Infrared-Roasted Perilla Seeds

Sometimes mistakenly labeled as ‘sesame’, perilla is in fact not related to the sesame plant at all. It is rather part of the mint family and is cousin to the Japanese shiso plant.

Perilla has always been common in its native Korea and, partly because of its abundance, has not received the same attention as other herbs. In fact, farmers used to plant perilla on the edges of their fields, as the plant’s aroma deterred wild animals. Perilla has recently experienced a resurgence due to its nutritional benefits: it has omega-3 levels similar to flax and chia seeds.

These toasted seeds are pretty addictive on their own. We also love adding them into salads or as a topping on rice or seafood dishes. One of our favorite restaurants in New York recently began serving perilla seed-crusted tuna. Yum. 

Queens Bucket Infrared-Roasted Perilla Seeds Product Details

●  200g bag
●  Made in Seoul, South Korea
●  Made with 100% Korean grown seeds
●  Ingredients:  Perilla seeds

Queens Bucket Infrared-Roasted Perilla Seeds Key Ingredients

Perilla seed
A member of the mint family, and a cousin of the Japanese shiso, the leaves and seeds of the perilla plant are used in a variety of Korean dishes. The seeds are a great source of omaga-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids; in fact, perilla seeds contain some of the highest omega-3 levels of any plant source, including flax and chia seeds..