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'Cheongjang' White Soy Sauce (Aged under 1 Year)


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Made using a traditional family recipe passed down over 360 years; cheongjang has a lighter color and saltier flavor than the older ganjang and jinjang due to its shorter time spent aging in the urn.

About Cheongjang Soy Sauce


Master Ki, the current matriarch of the family, has been making soy sauce the same way for years, following recipe and traditions passed down for over 360 years. This includes making meju (fermented soybean brick), an integral part of all jangs, during November of the lunar calendar, then the jang during January of the lunar calendar.

Chungjang is similar to the Japanese white soy sauce, also known as 'shiro shoyu'. However, the lighter color is where the similarity begins and ends. The Japanese version typically use a higher wheat-to-soy ration to achieve the light color, whileas chungjang gets its light color due to the shorter time spent aging in the urn. Kisoondo Traditiona Jang's chungjang has the same three ingredients as its siblings ganjang and jinjang: soybeans, water and roasted bamboo salt. Aged under 1 year, it is the youngest soy sauce offered by Kisoondo, and the lightest in hue.

Chungjang is perfect for clear soups or other dishes where you wouldn't want to compromise the color of the dish. The younger age also gives it a more prominent salty flavor compared to its older cousins, so make sure you adjust the amount accordingly. 

Learn more about Master Ki's soy sauce making process here.

Kisoondo Cheongjang Soy Sauce Product Details

●  250ml bottle
●  Made in Damyang, South Korea
●  Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, or refined sugar
●  Ingredients:  Soybeans, roasted bamboo salt, water

Kisoondo Cheongjang Soy Sauce Key Ingredients

A crop native to East Asia, soybeans have been cultivated for over 13,000 years and are a staple in Chinese, Japanese and Korean kitchens. High in protein and fiber, soybeans are also rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Roasted bamboo salt
Rich in minerals and antioxidants, it is believed to aid in blood circulation, digestion and oral health. Hand harvested sea salt is packed into local winter bamboo and roasted over pine wood fire for 3-4 days; this process is repeated nine times over two months.