Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove

Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set


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The first time we met the team at Hanega, they treated us to a beautiful vinegar themed lunch.  We had everything from a fresh salad with a beautiful vinaigrette to a steak cooked in a marinade of their special Ganso sauce, a special blend of local honey, soy sauce and their own aged vinegar.  Another favorite from that lunch was a mixed soba noodle dish with Ganso, sesame oil and a dash of vinegar.  This lunch had us asking 'Can we buy a bottle of this Ganso sauce?', and we are so excited to finally be able to introduce this sauce to you.  Whether it be for a friend who is an avid cook or for yourself, this trio will be your steady support in the kitchen.  It includes:

Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (aged 5 years) - 70ml
Sesame Oil - 70ml
'Ganso' Seasoned Soy Sauce - 70ml

Get to know Hanega.

About Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set

For 35 generations, Hanega’s founding family has crafted vinegars using time-honored brewing and fermentation methods.  After centuries producing for select Eastern medical clinics, the family has offered commercial varieties since 2008.  Damgum series vinegars blend locally-sourced fruits, herbs, and roots, aged for at least three years in traditional earthenware (onggi), with Eunwoncho, the company’s patented five-year aged ginkgo-based vinegar.

Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set Product Details

●  Set of 3 - 70ml bottles
●  Vinegar & 'Ganso' Seasoned Soy Sauce: Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
●  Sesame Oil:  Made in Namwon, South Korea
●  No preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar

Hanega Pantry Essentials Mini Gift Set Key Ingredients

5-Year aged Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar
Hanega’s flagship product and also its best selling, this ginkgo vinegar is unlike anything we’ve tasted.  Ginkgo from the family orchard is combined with 14 other herbs, fruits, grains and roots and then aged for at least five years.  So flavorful and yet incredibly light, it balances herbal notes with a hint of orange, and can be used in delicate crudos or salads, or with stronger-flavored dishes.  Learn more about Hyo vinegar here.

'Ganso' Seasoned Soy Sauce
We are a huge fan of this versatile 'soy sauce'. The Ganso sauce is Hanega's special blend of their house vinegar, honey and soy sauce. It is a perfect balance of sweet and salty, with just the right amount of acidity brought by the vinegar. We love this sauce as a salad dressing, a marinade for steak or mixed in with sesame oil as a dipping sauce or as a base for a simple bowl of chilled noodles. Learn more about Ganso here.

Sesame Oil
The Hanega family partnered with their friends, oil producers Jirisancheorum Farming for this gift set. Made using only Korean grown sesame seeds, the seeds are roasted in low temperature to prevent burning and is cold-pressed, only once, prior to going through a double-filtration system. Learn more about other oils we have here.