Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove
Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set - Gotham Grove

Vinegar Mini Gift Set


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A perfect gift for any holiday, Hanega's Vinegar Mini Gift Set is perfect for the food lover in your life as well as those just getting to know vinegars. This collection includes some of our customer favorites.

Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar (aged 5 years) - 70ml
Wintermelon Vinegar (aged 3 years) - 70ml
Fig Vinegar (aged 3 years) - 70ml

Get to know Hanega.

About Vinegar Mini Gift Set

For 35 generations, Hanega’s founding family has crafted vinegars using time-honored brewing and fermentation methods.  After centuries producing for select Eastern medical clinics, the family has offered commercial varieties since 2008.  Damgum series vinegars blend locally-sourced fruits, herbs, and roots, aged for at least three years in traditional earthenware (onggi), with Eunwoncho, the company’s patented five-year aged ginkgo-based vinegar.

Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set Product Details

●  3 x 70ml bottles
●  Made in Ganghwado, South Korea
●  Unpasteurized.  Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives, trans-fats or refined sugar

Hanega Vinegar Mini Gift Set Key Ingredients

5-Year aged Ginkgo 'Hyo' Vinegar
Hanega’s flagship product and also its best selling, this ginkgo vinegar is unlike anything we’ve tasted.  Ginkgo from the family orchard is combined with 14 other herbs, fruits, grains and roots and then aged for at least five years.  So flavorful and yet incredibly light, it balances herbal notes with a hint of orange, and can be used in delicate crudos or salads, or with stronger-flavored dishes.  Learn more about Hyo vinegar here.

3-year aged Wintermelon Vinegar
Though winter melon is actually a vegetable, this Damgum Winter Melon Vinegar has a bright, almost fruity, flavor, with a slight acidity balanced by its subtle sweetness.  It makes a great vinaigrette, though goes equally well with a glass of sparkling water.  Learn more about Wintermelon Vinegar here.

3-year aged Fig Vinegar
The Damgum Fig Vinegar is comprised of figs sourced exclusively from Jeonnam province in southwestern Korea, and has a natural sweetness that makes it very popular as a drinking vinegar.  Learn more about Fig vinegar here.