June Collab Dinner: Meet us in Philly!

We are excited to be co-hosting two dinners on June 22nd with Musi BYOB and June 23rd with Poi Dog Philly & Pelago in Philadelphia. Hope to see you there! 

 2019,  10Meet us at Musi BYOB,100 Morris St, Philadelphia, PA 19148 

 2019,  7100.5 South 21st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

With Musi BYOB on June 22

7 course tasting menu featuring Gotham Grove products 
1. Oyster with brown rice vinegar.
2. Pickled bamboo, cured seafood, and dolce & wakame salt.
3. Torn scallops, perilla oil ice cream, shiso laminated pasta, and perilla seeds.
4. SIW figs and hanega fig vinegar filled tortellini with farmer’s cheese.
5. Sesame seed encrusted pork schnitzel with black sesame oil & mugwort vinegar dressed greens & tomato.
6. Duck-fat potato doughnut rolled in black sesame with strawberry gochujang ice cream and winter melon vinegar jellies.
7. Fruit & plum vinegar jellies.

With Poi Dog Philly and Pelago on June 23rd

Join us for a Filipino-Hawaiian dinner featuring rare Korean and Icelandic ingredients by Gotham Grove. Expect dishes like Perilla Poke, Shrimp Lumpia with gingko vinaigrette, Pork Belly Lechon, Strawberry Gochujang Huli Huli Chicken and Halo Halo. Complimentary cocktails made with Two Robbers Hard Seltzer will be offered. Dinner will be served Kamayan-style, so be prepared to eat with your hands off banana-leaf lined tables!